Red Light TherapyNote: Please take your time and read everything before making a choice on if red light therapy is right for you! This content has been updated for Autumn/Winter 2016!

Thanks for stopping by our page on red light therapy. Today we are going to provide you with as much information as possible on all things related to red light therapy.  We provide you with all the benefits and risks, details of all the different things that can be treated with red light therapy (there are a lot!), how the therapy works for each ailment you may suffer from and relevant links to our independent, in-depth, red light therapy reviews.

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What Is Red Light Therapy?

If you haven’t already read about what light therapy is then we suggest you read this page.  Red light therapy is a branch of light therapy.  In simple terms it uses red light to aid with healing and repairing your cellular tissue.

Traditionally this treatment has been used in beauty salons but there are now many devices on the market to replicate this treatment at home as well as full sized tanning beds that are available at gyms nationwide.