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Last updated on March 24th, 2018 at 04:07 am

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Overall Recommendation

Larger and brighter than its battery-operated predecessor, this lamp is surprisingly effective for treating seasonal affective disorder and depression. The Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp sets itself apart from similar lights by being lightweight, portable, and stylish.

Though it lacks some of the features that the bulkier lamps have, it is perfect for the price point. It is easily one of the highest-quality lamps for the price currently on the market.

A long lifespan, higher light quality, and multiple brightness settings make this a great starter lamp if you are just beginning light therapy. I would recommend working up from the lowest setting if you are unaccustomed to very bright light, as the highest setting can be overwhelming.

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  • FORM + FUNCTION -- Designed by an award-winning studio in NYC, we have shaken up the light therapy industry by creating a line of bright light therapy lamps that have a modern, minimalist aesthetic that you would be proud to have on your desk year-round. Cutting-edge LED technology has allowed us to create lamps that are smaller and more aesthetically-pleasing without sacrificing brightness.
  • CLINICAL STRENGTH -- 10,000 LUX is the maximum brightness for effectiveness and safety, and is specifically designed to help beat the winter blues, circadian sleep disorders, shift work adjustment, and fatigue.
  • FULL-SPECTRUM, PURE WHITE LIGHT, UV FREE -- One of the only lamps available that produces full-spectrum light. Having a larger range of the visible light spectrum means a higher quality light that more closely mimics the qualities of natural sunlight. The lamp emits light with a 5500K color temperature, which is the color of sunlight at noon.
  • ADJUSTABLE 3 LEVEL BRIGHTNESS -- The lamp has 3 one-touch adjustable brightness settings, allowing for different levels of brightness depending on the use environment, distance from lamp, and the user's sensitivity to light.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY -- The 50,000 hour lifespan of LED lights is 8X longer than fluorescent bulbs, meaning you will never have to replace expensive light bulbs ever again. The hassle-free warranty covers both the lamp and adapter.

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This product is made by Circadian Optics LLC. They market SAD lamps and light-therapy devices specifically designed for technology-driven lifestyles.

Look and Design

This lamp is very stylish compared to similarly-priced lamps. It’s the only lamp I’ve ever tried that looks as though it actually belongs in my home even when not in use. At about 4 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches and just one pound, it is deceptively small. There is space for it even on my cluttered desk.

The stand is plastic and works effectively, though the unit does seem fragile upon the first inspection. This is due to the lightweight design. There is no way to adjust the angle of the lamp, though it does rotate on the base.

This lamp is controlled with one touch-sensitive button. The power button also cycles through the brightness settings, beginning with the lowest. This is simple to use but it makes adjusting the brightness tricky, as it’s located on the front of the unit and will require looking directly at the light panel.

Circadian Optics Lumine
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Setup and Ease of Use

This light is extremely simple to use right out of the box. The electrical cord is shorter than I would have expected. Once plugged in it’s only a matter of adjusting the brightness setting via the power button. The single-button operation makes it easy to use, though I wouldn’t recommend looking directly at the light when turning it on for the first time.

The manual is straightforward, informative, and pleasing to look at.


At the brightest light setting, this lamp is nearly uncomfortably bright. Working up from the lowest setting seems to be the way to go with this ultra-bright lamp. Only the highest setting puts out the recommended 10,000 Lux, so you will need to spend longer using it to get the benefits on a lower setting.

The LED light panel can clearly be seen through the diffusing panel, which made it a little harder on my eyes.

That said, this unit is definitely doing what it aims to do. It provides 10,000 Lux at approximately 9 inches, and Circadian Optics recommends placing the lamp between 8 and16 inches from your eyes.

The light is extremely white, which is unsurprising considering the company expects the light temperature to be measured at 5500k. It’s also a Full Spectrum lamp and seems to be of a much higher light quality than other lamps in the same range.

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This lamp is LED and qualifies as a Full Spectrum lamp. The color temperature is 5500k, which mimics the light of the afternoon sun. I found the light quality to be very good.

There is no battery power, and the unit must be plugged into the wall to work. The power cord seems a bit short but it is perfect for stationary use.

The diffusing panel filters out 99.9% of UV rays.

Circadian Optics states that their lamps have a 50,000-hour lifespan. Rather than a single bulb light-box, this lamp is composed of 60 separate lights behind a diffusing panel. At the two lower settings, this works as intended to reduce glare. The brightest setting allowed me to see the lights behind the panel, but this is relatively minor.

This unit’s stand is deceptively sturdy. The panel section of this lamp snaps securely into the base and rotates on it. Despite being top heavy, I never felt as though the unit was going to fall over. While it seems fragile, I wouldn’t be nervous at all about packing this unit with my luggage for travel.

The design sets this lamp apart from the others on the market. Rather than looking bulky and clinical, this unit has clean, functional lines. I cannot overemphasize how refreshing the design is compared to other lamps of the same size. The aesthetic is very pleasing and definitely makes this a joy to use.

Circadian Optics Lumine on computer desk 
Circadian Optics Lumine on writing desk