Lumina Group Inc TenDlite Review

Light name: TenDlite

[xrr rating=84%]

Brand: Lumina Group Inc

Product Type:  Red light therapy

Price: $189.88 at the time of writing. For the current price click here

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Overall Recommendation

The TenDlite by Lumina Group Inc has been on the market for seven years. Compared to many of the recent models originating in china it is expensive but very well made by a U.S manufacturer. Small, portable and battery powered this light is targeted at pain relief.

With over 7 years of sales behind it, there is no surprise this is a top seller and has gotten many positive reviews. On Amazon the average rating is 4.2 stars and has been rated over 1000 times!

We like the portability and the ease of use but the price means not everyone will be able to enjoy the benefit of this LED Red light therapy device.

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We have found little information on Lumina Group inc although they have been selling this product for over 7 years. We find it strange that they do not appear to have a physical address listed on either their website or even in their instruction manual and we only managed to find they are located in Sandiego through their facebook page. They may not be the easiest to contact as we couldn’t find a telephone number listed for them anywhere.

Look and Design

This is a professional level product when it comes to the build quality and feel. It is made from a well machined metal casing that is smooth and a nice color. The tendlite comes with a nice case to keep the parts together. It almost feels like a small flashlight and we have no doubt that with a different bulb it could be used as a portable flashlight

The device itself is small, lightweight and highly portable. You could keep it in your pant pockets or purse quite comfortably to use as and when you need to. You should not look into the light and to prevent this they include some goggle which are large and cover your eyes comfortably.

The unit is turned on with a simple push button and while it felt o.k to us, we have read reports that this has broken on some users devices shortly after receiving the unit.

It comes with basic but complete instructions that are easy to follow.
TenDlite® Fast Joint Pain Relief, what is included TenDlite® Fast Joint Pain Relief using on an arthritic finger

Setup and Ease of use

Once un-boxed you are required to charge the battery for four hours before using. We have read complaints about this but sending a device with an empty battery is standard in all electronics. It is easy to use by simply pressing the button. The light will shine for one minute and then switch off. You can repeat the treatment for another minute by double pressing the same button.

The batteries are easy to change and the device comes with a charger that plugs directly into the wall. The charger is nothing special and is suitable to charge one battery at a time.


The literature is cleverly worded to say that this like provides 1600mw of power which sounds a lot but in reality is only 1.6 watts. This is suitable for this red light therapy device because the treatment area is only a 1 inch radius. There are other models with a larger area of coverage and have more power but these units tend to have to be plugged into the mains.

The wavelength of light emitted is 660nm which is the wavelength of light that has the most research behind its effectiveness. For more information about the wavelengths see our red light therapy page.

Being a battery powered device you need to be aware that you will get through batteries very quickly when using this device. Luckily they provide you with high powered, rechargeable 3.7v 3000mAh batteries. You should not use any other batteries types with this product. Luckily these are available online and at a cheaper price than the manufacturer sells them for.


The only feature of note is the built in timer which switches the light off after one minutes use. This is a great addition although the treatment length does seem short compared to what other manufacturers recommend.

This light is limited in that it only provides the one type of light. It is now common for one device to provide alternative treatment options.


This light sells for $194.93 (correct at time of writing) including shipping. We feel this is overpriced but are given some peace of mind by the 60 day satisfaction guarantee you get which is the equivalent of a free trial. This provides a no risk purchase. The extensive reviews should also give you peace of mind.


Using the TenDlite® on a woman's shoulderUsing the TenDlite® on a woman's wrist

[xrr rating=84%] Lumina Group Inc TenDlite
Brand Lumina Group Inc
Optical output 1600 mw
Bulb Type LED
Wavelength of light 660nm
Area of coverage 1 inch
Size 4.8 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight 9 ounces
  • 660nm
  • 1 minute timer built in
  • Battery powered
  • Rechargeable
  • 1 Year warranty
Price $189.88 at the time of writing. For the current price click here

Where To Buy It

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Using the TenDlite® on lower back painUsing the TenDlite® on a painful knee